Using the R4 with the Nintendo DS

By | December 18, 2013

Having a portable camera can be a lot of fun, as there are many things worth taking pictures of, and many things worth remembering. Having an R4 card only makes this easier and better, as an R4 card can be installed with software specifically designed to making galleries easier to navigate and control. So, if you are interested in turning your Nintendo 3DS into a Camera platform, keep reading!



A Cool Addition


Nintendo has always been proud of the camera they included in their Nintendo DS. Seen as a fun addition to an already addictive portable gaming console, Nintendo went the extra mile to ensure the greatest amount of variety in use. However, few people really use the camera to its full extent. This can be realized with the R4 Card. With the proper software, you can edit and organize your photos.



What kind of Camera Does the DS Have?


The Nintendo DS comes with dual twin cameras. They are 0.3 megapixel in resolution, making them nothing special. This means, that the cameras can produce images at 640X480 pixels in size. The Nintendo DS cameras were never meant to replace your favorite high quality-imaging camera. Instead, they were designed for lighthearted fun, and capturing cool things happening all around you. If nothing else, it beats having to carry around a second disposable camera everywhere you go.





The Nintendo DS has built in software for organizing and viewing pictures that you have taken. However, these features are limited. What truly makes the Nintendo DS Camera worthwhile are the programs you can load onto R4 Cards. An R4 card by itself is blank slate card that plugs into the Nintendo DS. You can install anything you want on it, and many people have created image sharing and editing programs that can interact with the DS.


Some of the most interesting programs include an extended gallery option that allows you to create photo albums through the DS. In addition, most programs have extended editing software, that helps turn your DS into a mini all in one photo taking editor. The final benefit to having a R4 card is that you have additional storage space for pictures. The card also makes removing the images and putting them on your computer much simpler.



The Nintendo DS cameras aren’t the end all be all of cameras, but they can be a fun thing to play around with. Remember that the next time you pick up your DS!