Using the Nintendo DS for mobile gaming

By | April 21, 2012

With the recent release of the DS, people are queuing in lines to get their hands on one of this gadget. However, is it really worth buying this? Hang on to your seats as we will tell you all about it.

The DS is quite a large device in size but it is no longer than the PSP as well. However, the thickness of DS may make it impossible for the device to fit in to your average pocket. So, you may need to keep the DS in your bags or hold it while you are not playing.

The name DS itself is derived from Dual Screen and the device do have two screens available for the user to look at. One of the screens itself is a touch screen and with this, a stylus is provided by Nintendo at the back of the device. The touch screen itself works superbly and is highly responsive as well.

In addition to the old A and B button, the DS sports two new buttons which is the X and Y. It might take a while to get familiar with the two new buttons as well as the touch screen but we found that the learning curve was rather short. nintendo dsIt would definitely not take you long to master the DS (but not the games)

Games. That is one of the reason why people buy the DS isn’t it? Well, we are happy to say that there is a huge catalog of games available for the end-user and with various genres to choose from as well. There is even the Call of Duty 5 for the DS and of course, the famous Mario series. It is very entertaining to play on its touch screen panel and for some games (such as Cooking Mama), where you would have to use the touch screen vigorously, you would seriously enjoy the game. At least we know we did.

Another thing that we like about the DS is that the battery lasts forever (well not really, just very long). On a single charge, you can play for up to 10 hours. Even the hardcore user would probably not play the DS for this long.

The DS is backward compatible only with the GameBoy Advance games and any later than that will not work with the DS. However disappointing that may be, you are still entitled to a lot of games and besides that, you would probably be worked up over DS games rather than the GameBoy Advance.

Nintendo has made the DS quite a successful portable gaming device. With its low price, it is certainly on par with some of the best gaming devices on the market. If you are planning to buy a portable gaming device for your kids, you can look forward on buying the DS as it is definitely a family friendly device and is good for people of all ages.