The Balance Between Barefoot and Protection

By | August 19, 2014

There has been a lot of buzz about barefoot running. Some research has indicated that barefoot running can speed up your game and help with endurance. The theory is that when you run using traditional running shoes the weight of your body hits the heel of your foot which is unnatural and contributes to injuries of the feet and legs.


While barefoot running has gained some popularity the truth is that running without any shoes at all is dangerous unless you run on an indoor track that is free from debris.


Nike Free Run Trainers


Nike has come up with a solution for people that want to run barefooted but do not want to expose themselves to potential injuries. Nike Free Run Trainers come in a range of fits. One of the key components to go from traditional running shoes to “barefoot” running shoes is to “train” your feet by stepping down from a more traditional shoe to a barely there shoe.


Nike Free Run Trainers offer a way for you to go from traditional running shoes to “barefoot” running shoes without the risk of injury in between. You can pick “your number” the higher the lower the number the more flex the insole has which gets you closer to a more barefooted feeling.


Working Your Way Down


One of the best qualities of the Nike Free Run Trainers you do not have to go from traditional to barefoot without anything in between. While there is evidence that running barefoot can help avoid injuries there is also some evidence that going from traditional running shoes to running barefoot may not be the best thing for your feet.


Training your feet to run barefoot requires that you step down slowly. Think of it this way for however many years you have been running that is the number of years you have been training your feet to run in traditional running shoes. Moving toward the final goal of running with shoes that are the closest to barefoot without actually having to be barefooted.


The Nike Free Run Trainers allow you to run “barefooted” without exposing your feet to potential dangers!


Using the Nike Free Run Trainers system of moving from a stiffer sole to a more flexible sole to finally a shoe that is most like running barefooted will insure your success in joining the barefooted running sector!