So what’s new?

By | October 5, 2015

The 3DS includes small sliders found on the side of the screen, which makes it possible for you to control the 3DS effect. Users also have the option to switch it off. The Nintendo 3DS also uses improved 3D technology, which they referred to as Super Stable 3D. The 3DS also uses front-facing cameras to track your eye and head movement, based on the angle your head is at, the system will automatically adjust the 3D effect with regards to the 3DS screen.


At a glance, the 3DS looks the same (both in size and design) as the Nintendo DS Lite. When taking a closer look, you will notice that the 3DS is both thicker and wider compared to the DSi. The 3DS offers several new inputs, including the usual D-pad which has now been moved lower in order to make space for the slide pad that is located on top. There is also (finally!) an analogue input known as the ‘Circle Pad’. The 3DS is available in red, black, purple, orange and blue.


The Nintendo 3DS is the fastest processor from Nintendo when it comes to both visual and processing features. The idea behind 3D images revolves around producing two separate outputs at ever-so-slightly different angles: one for each eye, however this can be a drain on resources. It has been found that the graphic performance of the Nintendo 3DS would be better if the 3D effect is removed. Digital Media Professional (DMP) is going to be supplying Nintendo with the visuals processor for the 3DS. The device is using the PICA200 graphics core.

Dual Screens

You get a 3.53-inch display up top and a somewhat smaller 3.02-inch screen below. However, in the Nintendo 3DS, the top screen has doubled this max resolution to 800 x 240 pixels in an effort to provide the 3D effect. The 3DS have much larger screens. As previously mentioned, gamers have the option of turning off the 3D effect, or adjust the intensity and depth of the 3D effect using a slider found on the right side of the device. When you turn the 3D effect off completely, you will still get the same experience that you would with the DSi. At the moment we are not sure who is supplying Nintendo with their 3D features for the 3DS.