More on R4 Cards for the DS

By | January 28, 2011

R4 Cards or R4 Revolution or R4 DS are the best suited devices for the Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DS or Nintendo Dsi. These devices help you play games, read books, play music and much more. Generally speaking, the R4 card is of the same size when compared to a normal Nintendo DS cartridge. A slot appears at the R4 cards’ back so as to place in a Micro SD card. The Micro SD card includes important features like applications, firmware, and games, MP3’s etc. Now, won’t you like to have these features in your R4 card?

Once the booting process completes you will be given a menu along with your R4 card. This application will help you select from Multimedia or Games. You are also allowed to play homebrew games with the help of this card. This isn’t all; you will be also able to save a number of games which you own personally. It also allows you to save movies or MP3’s.

The R4 cards team was the first to bring in the R4 cards. Not only this, they also introduced the Nintendo DS R4 card in the year 2007. The top of the NDS R4 Card has a small slot through which you can add a Micro SD card. But then, they did experience a couple of technical problems. As a result, they took the initiative to introduce a new version of the card that came to be named as the “R4v2 Card”. However, this card didn’t attain much fame and as a results were substituted with advanced versions such as R4 SDHC or the NDS R4 Card.